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Australian Border Force Marine Unit Instant 250g

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Australian Border Force Marine unit.

"Crewing two Ocean Class Cutters, eight Cape Class Cutters, two  Bay Class Cutters, the Thaiyak Class Cutter and two Fast Response Boats, the Australian Border Force Marine unit is a 600 strong Federal Law Enforcement Department, made up of a high percentage of ADF and Police Veterans.  The Marine Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 day per year to defend Australia's maritime borders from a vast array of threats. Whether it be organised crime syndicates attempting to smuggle drugs, human trafficers trading in human misery, or foreign fisherman attempting to exploit Australia's precious fisheries, the Men and Women of the ABF Marine Unit are always forward deployed, and ready to detect, deter, respond and prevent to attempts to commit federal offences within our maritime borders.


To assist the Marine Unit to fulfill their function, Australian Warfighter Coffee is proud to introduce the Marine Unit range of coffee. The ability to have access to great coffee is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of sucessful maritime operations. Coffee first, then chaos."