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4wd TV

4wd TV has evolved from an original concept TV show into an internationally recognised brand. As Australia’s first national 4x4 dedicated TV program, 4wdTV set the benchmark and created an all new forum for the promotion of our sport, recreation, industry and lifestyle.

Simon and his crew are massive supporters of us. Keep and eye for them on the road and be sure to watch on 7Mate.



Edge 24/7 Recovery and Salvage

Family run recovery business using a Kickass Unimog to do the work. 
Massive supporters of Australian Warfighter Coffee. Who knows you may get rescued and a Coffee.
Remember if you every get stuck in the Victoria area. These are you go to people.

Yak Hunters Australia

The goal of our organisation is to promote kayak based fishing, as well as sustainable fishing practices to help take care of our oceans and other waterways and all the creatures living within.

No matter what state you are in, you will always find great advice, tips and new friendships waiting for you in the Yak Hunters groups. We pride ourselves on our great sense of community and striving to get fishing enthusiasts from every walk of life involved.