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A Combat Controller on Operations

Havoc-06 is the call sign of former Australian Combat Controller, Troy Knight. As a Royal Australian Air Force Airfield Defence Guard, Troy had not found the military adventure he sought; combat operations. His thirst for overseas deployment saw him privately contract his services in Iraq and South East Asia, but when he got whiff that the Australian Defence Force was raising a new defence capability, he couldn’t help but want to be part of it.

The new Defence capability termed the ‘Special Tactics Project,’ would see Troy undertaking the grueling Commando Selection course and passing, making him one of Australia’s first Combat Controllers attached to the Australian Army 2nd Commando Regiment.
As a member of the Special Forces unit, Troy’s lifelong dream of taking part in combat operations would come to fruition, but the reality of his dream would also play havoc on his life.

Havoc-06 is the untold story of the Australian Combat Controller, but it is also Troy’s personal story and one that will resonate with so many.

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